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We want to create and offer new experiences to our players.

            Madgik Yarn Studio specializes in video games with strong narration and colorful artistic direction! We love pop culture as well as humorous worlds. We therefore aim to transmit this love through our games.

Our long-term goal : we would like the players to appropriate our universes for themselves and have fun with our characters!

Vanova’s Stories: a colorful cooperative detective game

Vanova’s Stories is a story driven game similar to a police series based in Vanova’s quirky world city.

Choose and play as a unique detective looking for information, and try to solve a crime with your friends. Interact with suspects and gather clues that only you can get.

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Only your Team can Solve the Crimes of the Crazy City of Vanova

Type of Game

           Between board games and video games, Vanova’s Stories is an episodic adventure to share from 2 to 4 players. Do you like crazy and colorful worlds, cooperation between friends and story driven point and click games ? This experience is for you!


          Try to solve different crimes with your friends by playing one of the four new detectives of the Vanova police! Explore this colourful city from episode to episode and discover its iconic places and unusual characters.
You will have to cooperate to progress in your investigation, interrogate more suspects, each one crazier than the last, and go looking for clues that only you can see.

         Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of 80’s detective series, sprinkled with references to pop culture and absurd humor!


Explore and Search

    Discover beautiful scenery and inspect the 13 colorful areas of the Undersee hotel to find clues about the crime that was committed. Whether in 2D or 3D, your observation will be your greatest weapon!


Use your Ability

    Agile, intimidating, strong, charming, each inspector has his/her unique ability to lead him/her to clues that only he/she can get. You choose your inspector!


Interrogate Suspects

      Each place of inquiry is inhabited by a number of caricatural and crazy characters. Some characters will refuse to talk to you… Maybe your colleagues will have more luck than you? 


Exchange Clues

    A suspect refuses to talk to you, but you want to confront him/her to make him/her confess his/her acts? Exchange clues with your friends so he/she can do it for you!


  • Icone_Steam

You'll soon be able to test the first episode on Steam. But you’ll have to wait a little bit to find out more about the adventures of our four favourite inspectors…


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